Magento released since 2008, when the first edition has been for many years, with the evolution of the market, the business and function of the system are also gradually improve, at each stage, due to the limitation of the network technology, yes every stage of the product has a certain technical barriers, the current stage is a stage of the Internet technology by leaps and bounds, so the Magento official also follow the global pace has spent years developing the new architecture Magento system - Magento2, upon Magento2 the most prominent characteristics is 'new', it almost covers all the latest Web technologies.

Why choose Magento2

  • Technical advantages
    New technologies bring new challenges and improve the efficiency of website development, operation and use.
  • Architecture advantages
    New architecture, according to Magento1 years of market feedback summary, adjust the system architecture, the system to do a comprehensive upgrade.
  • Business advantages
    Magento products have been in operation for many years, covering a wide range of industries worldwide, and the system ADAPTS to a variety of business models, such as shopping, business, health, and adult.
  • Market advantage
    Since its listing, Magento's market share has been continuously rising, and it has been occupying the first place in the market of e-commerce systems.

Five features of Magento2

  • Security
    Safety of the electricity industry is the most sensitive words, if an electric business platform did not have the security, that there will be no any possibility of market, on the base of Magento1 Magento2 system security will be improve a level again, as the server system upgrades, software upgrades, Magneto official release the system security patches, reduce trouble back at home for the user.
  • Stability
    Magneto's stability is the foundation of its foundation, in many years of global e-commerce business test, Magento performance has always let us happy, no matter how busy your business, website platform concurrent traffic how much, Magento can give users a very stable performance.
  • Speed
    There may have been a lot of talk about Magento being slow in the Magneto1 era, but in Magento2 there was much more efficient caching on the system, optimized system component resources to streamline system component loading, tweaked the data resource structure of the site, and a complete overhaul of the site's front-end technology. Multiple technical advantages make the speed of the system no longer be criticized.
  • Flexibility
    Flexibility is the worst place, Magento in Magento1 period, Magento downtown with the flexibility of the system, the system can expand sex is extremely strong, almost any function, can realize the user think now Magento2, optimize the structure of the system components code, the flexibility of the Magento further, so also makes the Magento demand is applicable to any period of the company.
  • Cost
    How widespread is Magento site cost is too high, this 'may' is a true statement, but compared with Magento type of architecture, such as: 'Woocommerce' and 'Shopify', 'Prestrashop', no matter in which of the above rules, Magento are much better than other competitors, in particular, in the process of Magento's operations, may be better than other architecture of cost savings. Our charge standard